Our investment concept is based upon three pillars:

1. Sales of precious metals via Internet

  • Online-platform, “Gold-Super-Market” (www.Gold-Super-Markt.de)
  • Finance broker pools
  • Asset managers
  • Other distibutors (Affiliates)

2. Sales of precious metals via GOLD to go™ gold vending machines

  • By system partners
  • By self-operated GOLD to go™ locations

3. Warehousing and purchase/buyback of scrap/precious metals

  • Warehousing precious metals with 24/7 access, including a duty-free warehouse (silver)
  • Purchase/buyback of scrap and precious metals via an online trustee system

The historically evolved business unit of agricultural investments (via holdings) is actually inoperative and in spin-off. The intitial  idea was to install large-scale olive orchards with an integrated value added chain (www.olioolivo.de) including land development.