The GOLD to go™ gold vending machine

Times are changing. We’re keeping pace and going a step ahead. GOLD to go™ has developed the world first gold vending machine. A simple and brilliant principle: put your money in and pick your gold!

goldbarrenIn the standard version our ATMs are equipped with gold bars of 1g, 5g and 10g as well as gold coins such as the legendary “Krugerrand” in a gift box. Clients receive products at real time prices and pay usually less than at the counter of a german bank, because we sell gold at a lower margins. A computer inside the ATM assures price updates in real time. Clients can pay in cash (notes and coins) as well as with all popular debit and credit cards – there is almost nothing more convenient than this. In strict compliance with money laundering laws and policies, electronic precautionary measures have been taken to comply with individual local provisions.

Gold from our ATMs should be seen as a(n investment) gift. It should make appetite for investments into physical gold, which is attractive especially in unstable times. Investments into physical gold qualify from 250 gr bars upwards as mark-ups are much lower than with smaller weights.

GOLD to go™ locations of preference are at airports, hotels, shopping centers, casinos, cruise liners and also in banks and jeweler shops – places with large attendance, an attractive environment and high security standards. More details at

The GOLD To Go® Machine